Harder than I thought!!!

So I re-read my previous post on "facts" vs. "opinions" and underlined anything that is an undisputable fact. Of the 20 or so sentences in the posting, I could only tag five as facts. That's 25% fact / 75% opinion - way more slanted than I thought. If that's the nature of blogs, I'm still puzzled (and flattered) that people who don't know me go to the trouble of reading my blog, and hence, my opinions. This is a heavy responsibility that I don't plan to take lightly.

I'm inclined to think that opinions are more interesting than facts. When smalltalking about the weather, I could say, "It's unbearably hot outside today." An alternate: "The temperature today is 20 degrees warmer than the 5-year average temperature for this date" - is completely factual, more thorough, and indisputable. It makes for far less interesting conversation. There's no conflict, no tension, no points to argue. Maybe we like opinions because they provide for more recreational conversation. Or maybe not. Just one man's opinion...

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