Are You Kidding Me? Pres O' and CollegeFootball

I'm pretty guarded when it comes to sharing my political views, but I heard a news story this morning that caught my attention. President-elect O' is using his new pulpit to profess the need for a college football playoff system to replace the BCS (details here.) You may be suprised to know that his opinions and comments aren't what irk me. He is a (albeit powerful) citizen stating his opinions, which we are all entitled to do. I trust our governmental system to prevent this from becoming a distraction that mustn't consume time of those we have hired to run our country.

What irks me were the reactions of citizens I heard on NPR. Individuals commenting to the effect of "It's about time we elected a President to deal with this important issue." C'mon, gimme a break. Those people who believe that our newly elected President is going to change everything they don't like about their lives are in for a rude awakening. When I was listening to these interviews, I honestly thought I was hearing a parody (The Onion style.) Alas no, it was real.

So maybe I should just jump on the bandwagon. Maybe there's now hope that Pres O' can get those writers of Lost to start giving us some explanations instead of twisting in more puzzles.

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