The Top 10 Things I Hate About Agile Projects

10. The Product Owner keeps dropping by to see what we’re doing.
9. I have to prove that I got work done every single day.
8. I have to work with other people, constantly.
7. I am expected to demonstrate imperfect, unfinished software.
6. Senior management looks at our burn-down chart every day.
5. Developers keep bugging me with questions.
4. There’s hardly any down time.
3. Everybody else gets an opinion about my task estimates.
2. I am expected to work on tasks that aren’t in my job description.
1. My project could end before the target date!

What's on your top ten?

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  1. Interesting. At my company we have recently "adopted" the Agile approach to development. Curiously none of the developers I know like it... In fact they seem to hate it! As an Application Architect I've been (so far) above the "Agile dust" but I'm afraid that is about to change. Items 8, 7, and 4 seem to be the biggest complaints. With 4 probably taking first place. I'm not sure management really gets it... The developers are expected to enter their time in 3 different time accounting systems so that the "proper reports" are generated. Frankly,I think there is going to be a mass exodus once the economy improves! Note - I've been developing software for 35 years (I'm very deep into J2EE and Java) and this is the absolute worse mess I've seen propagated onto the development community in quite some time.